Shaoming Dong
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1295 Dingxi Road, Shanghai, P.R.China


1980-1984, BS degree, South China University of Technology  
1984-1987, MS degree, South China University of Technology  
1993-1996, Ph.D. degree, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Science,     

Professional Experience: 

1987-1993, Assistant Professor, Department of Inorganic Materials, Jinan University 
1996-1998, Assistant Professor, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 
1998-1999, Guest Researcher, Laboratory of Thermostructural Composites(LCTS), Unité Mixte CNRS-SEP-UB1, CNRS-University of Bordeaux-1, France 
1999-2002, Researcher, Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University, Japan
      Researcher, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, Korea 
2002-Pres., Director, Research Center of Advanced Structural Ceramics and Composites, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 
2013-Pres., Associate director, State Key Laboratory of High Performance Ceramics and Superfine Microstructure, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 

Awards and Honors: 

  • Professional Member of World Academy of Ceramics (2013),  
  • China Technology Invention Award (2013), 
  • Global Star Award, The Engineering ceramics Division of the American ceramic Society (2013) 
  • Shanghai Science and Technology Leading Talent Award, China (2013),  
  • ASM-IIM Lecturer, The Materials Information Society (2012),  
  • China Technology Invention Award (2012),  
  • Shanghai Technology Invention Award, China (2011)  


Dr.Shaoming Dong has conducted works on fiber reinforced ceramic matrix composites (CMC) and carbide ceramics. He has intensively studied the sintering, microstructure, mechanical property and toughening mechanism of carbide ceramics, developed the forming and densification techniques for large size SiC and CMC parts of complex shapes, and devoted to engineering applications of these materials.  

Dr.Dong has developed an improved Polymer Infiltration and Pyrolysis (PIP) technique, named nano-powder configuration and in-situ reaction (NCIR) process, for high performance C/SiC ceramic matrix composites fabrication. The composites prepared by the NCIR process show much better matrix crystallinity and are able to withstand high temperature of 1700°C. In recent three years, Dr. Dong developed a new type ceramic matrix composite, namely ultra-high temperature ceramic (UHTCs) matrix composite by modifying conventional C/SiC composites with ultra-high temperature ceramic particles introduced into its matrix. In the same period, he has also carried out intensive research in multi-layer ultra-high temperature ceramics coating fabrication technique. Under the protection of such coatings, the UHTCS matrix composites can be used in extremely harsh environment with temperature over 2000°C and high speed air scouring. In addition to the above achievements, Dr. Dong also expands his research to SiC/SiC composites, which have broad application prospect in aviation and nuclear power areas. In order to improve the high temperature stability of the materials, he has developed an unique treatment technique for SiC fiber. and prepared high densified SiC/SiC composites by a new developed in situ reaction method. Aside from the above work, Dr. Dong has engaged in new design of composites. He puts forward the idea of multi-scale enhancements for composites. In the light of this concept, he and his coworkers prepared C/SiC composites utilizing carbon nanotubes or SiC nanowires as the second reinforcement. The thermal conductivity and bending strength of the material were increased. 


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