Zhiwen Yin
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Prof. Yin (1919-2006) was born in Wu County, Jiangsu Province.  He was an outstanding materials scientist, who was elected to be an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1993.

Prof. Yin got his M.S. degree in metallurgy from the University of Missouri, Rolla, USA in 1948, and his master of ceramic engineering degree from the University of Illinois, USA in 1950.  He was a professor and chairman of the Academic Committee of Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, CAS. 


Since 1950 when Prof. Yin went back to his motherland, he had been engaged in the researches on science and technology of the functional ceramics and scintillation crystals for a long period of time.  He was a pioneer in functional ceramics in China, and made great achievements in this field, which laid the foundation for the future mass-production and application of the functional ceramic materials.

Prof. Yin has devoted himself to the scintillation crystals researches since the early 1980s.  The research group led by him had provided tens of thousands of large-sized crystals to CERN (the European Center for Nuclear Research) for making detectors.

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