Year Article Title Source Titles Author IF
2018 Fire-Resistant Inorganic Analogous Xuan Paper with Thousands of Years' Super-Durability ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING Dong, LY; Zhu, YJ
2018 La/Mn Codoped AgNbO3 Lead-Free Antiferroelectric Ceramics with Large Energy Density and Power Density ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING Xu, CH; Fu, ZQ; Liu, Z; Wang, L; Yan, SG; Chen, XF; Cao, F; Dong, XL; Wang, GS
2018 Ablation resistance of ZrC-MoSi2/ZrC-SiC double-layered coating in a plasma flame CORROSION SCIENCE Liu, T; Niu, YR; Li, C; Pan, XH; Shi, MH; Zheng, XB; Ding, CX
2018 Iron-nitrogen dual-doped three-dimensional mesoporous carbons for high-activity electrocatalytic oxygen reduction APPLIED MATERIALS TODAY Lin, GX; Ma, RG; Zhou, Y; Liu, Q; Hu, C; Yang, MH; Wang, JC
2018 PEO/Mg-Zn-Al LDH Composite Coating on Mg Alloy as a Zn/Mg Ion-Release Platform with Multifunctions: Enhanced Corrosion Resistance, Osteogenic, and Antibacterial Activities ACS BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING Peng, F; Wang, DH; Zhang, DD; Yan, BC; Cao, HL; Qiao, YQ; Liu, XY
2018 Mid-infrared spectral properties and laser performance of Er3+ doped CaxSr1-xF2 single crystals OPTICAL MATERIALS EXPRESS Zhang, Z; Ma, FK; Guo, XS; Wang, JY; Qian, XB; Liu, JJ; Liu, J; Su, LB
2018 Enzymatic Reaction Generates Biomimic Nanominerals with Superior Bioactivity SMALL Jiang, YY; Zhou, ZF; Zhu, YJ; Chen, FF; Lu, BQ; Cao, WT; Zhang, YG; Cai, ZD; Chen, F
2018 Eu:Lu2O3 transparent ceramics fabricated by vacuum sintering of co-precipitated nanopowders OPTICAL MATERIALS Xie, WF; Ivanov, M; Yavetskiy, R; Jiang, N; Shi, Y; Chen, HH; Kou, HM; Wang, J; Li, J
2018 TiCl4-free 100.6 cm(2) active area dye-sensitized solar cells with similar to 8% power conversion efficiency SOLAR ENERGY Xie, JJ; Yuan, HH; Wang, W; Xu, D; Chen, XY; He, YL; Zhang, T; Shen, HJ
2018 Recent development of A(2)B(2)O(7) system transparent ceramics JOURNAL OF ADVANCED CERAMICS Wang, ZJ; Zhou, GH; Jiang, DY; Wang, SW
2018 Oxygen Vacancies Enhanced CeO2:Gd Nanoparticles for Sensing a Tumor Vascular Microenvironment by Magnetic Resonance Imaging ACS NANO Shao, CL; Shen, AJ; Zhang, M; Meng, XF; Song, CL; Liu, YY; Gao, XL; Wang, PJ; Bu, WB
2018 High-Rate Nanostructured Pyrite Cathodes Enabled by Fluorinated Surface and Compact Grain Stacking via Sulfuration of Ionic Liquid Coated Fluorides ACS NANO Chen, KY; Zhang, Y; Li, CL
2018 Bioinspired Macroscopic Ribbon Fibers with a Nacre-Mimetic Architecture Based on Highly Ordered Alignment of Ultralong Hydroxyapatite Nanowires ACS NANO Yang, RL; Zhu, YJ; Chen, FF; Qin, DD; Xiong, ZC
2018 Photoluminescence properties of N and B codoped fluorescent 4H-SiC and 6H-SiC single crystals AIP ADVANCES Zhuo, SY; Liu, XC; Huang, W; Xu, TX; Han, WW; Yan, CF; Shi, EW
2018 A photo-excited electron transfer hyperchannel constructed in Pt-dispersed pyrimidine-modified carbon nitride for remarkably enhanced water-splitting photocatalytic activity APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL Jin, XX; Zhang, LX; Fan, XQ; Tian, JJ; Wang, M; Shi, JL
2018 Effects of whisker surface modification on microstructures, mechanical and thermal properties of beta-Si3N4 whiskers reinforced Al matrix composites MATERIALS & DESIGN Zhang, CX; Yao, DX; Yin, JW; Zuo, KH; Xia, YF; Liang, HQ; Zeng, YP
2018 Atomic-Thick TiO2(B) Nanosheets Decorated with Ultrafine Co3O4 Nanocrystals As a Highly Efficient Catalyst for Lithium-Oxygen Battery ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES Wang, G; Zhang, SP; Qian, R; Wen, ZY
2018 Gas-Generating Nanoplatforms: Material Chemistry, Multifunctionality, and Gas Therapy ADVANCED MATERIALS Yu, LD; Hu, P; Chen, Y
2018 Durable, flexible self- standing hydrogel electrolytes enabling high- safety rechargeable solid- state zinc metal batteries JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A Han, Q; Chi, XW; Zhang, SM; Liu, YZ; Zhou, BA; Yang, JH; Liu, Y
2018 Effect of Local Alkaline Microenvironment on the Behaviors of Bacteria and Osteogenic Cells ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES Tan, J; Wang, DH; Cao, HL; Qiao, YQ; Zhu, HQ; Liu, XY
2018 Lattice Incorporation of Cu2+ into the BaCe0.7Zr0.1Yb0.1O3-delta Electrolyte on Boosting Its Sintering and Proton-Conducting Abilities for Reversible Solid Oxide Cells ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES Yang, SJ; Zhang, SP; Sun, C; Ye, XF; Wen, ZY
2018 Flexible Fire-Resistant Photothermal Paper Comprising Ultralong Hydroxyapatite Nanowires and Carbon Nanotubes for Solar Energy-Driven Water Purification SMALL Xiong, ZC; Zhu, YJ; Qin, DD; Chen, FF; Yang, RL
2018 Red-emitting Lu3Al5O12: Mn transparent ceramic phosphors: valence state evolution studies of Mn ions CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL Zhang, YL; Hu, S; Liu, YL; Wang, ZJ; Zhou, GH; Wang, SW
2018 Novel perovskite-spinel composite conductive ceramics for SOFC cathode contact layer INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY Xin, XS; Liu, LM; Liu, Y; Zhu, QS
2018 Polarization investigation of Mn-doped 0.72Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3-0.28PbTiO(3) single crystals for infrared detecting application JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS Zhao, J; Chen, JW; Zeng, Z; Li, Y; Zhao, XY; Luo, HS